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The process of buying our home had some bumps in the road, but our realtor worked really hard to work through the problems even though there were outside mitigating factors.

I would work with Tristan again and would recommend him to others.

Reggie Alston

All around great service.

Robert Rogers


Erik Perry

Phenomenal experience with Jack White realty for the excellence and care with the sale of my home.

It had been a slightly difficult road previously with failed attempts selling. This was a smooth and beautiful experience. I am extremely grateful and can not recommend Tristan and Roger more highly. They are incredible! I’m so grateful! Thanks for a fruitful experience and joy!

Sheva Nickravesh

Our situation was unique to say the least.

Tristan Smith came along and got to business quickly. He truly represented us and our needs and went out of his way to see that everything got done in a timely manner. He kept us in the loop the entire process which was extended much longer due to COVID-19. He was professional and knowledgeable. We will certainly recommend Tristan Smith if and when any of our friends or family are looking to buy or sell a home in the future and of course if we decide to buy or sell we know who to contact! Thank you very much Tristan Smith!

Hanna Abruska

I just closed on my first home after working with Tristan Smith.

He was extremely attentive during the entire process. This was all new for me and had no idea what to expect. He explained each step thoroughly and let me know timelines which ended up being correct each time! I highly recommend calling Tristan Smith. He is a seasoned agent who knows exactly what to expect.

Madison Andrus

Tristan is a great agent and I enjoyed working with him.

Kathleen Claiborne

In the very first conversation I ever had with Tristan, he assured me that he works really hard for his clients.

He continually proved that throughout the entire process and even beyond! I moved to Alaska from the Lower 48 and was looking to purchase a home, site unseen. Moving so far and purchasing a home from thousands of miles away was a bit overwhelming and stressful, but Tristan helped ease any anxieties I had. Despite several bumps in the road, or well, more accurately, massive roadblocks, Tristan got me to the finish line just in time and made me the happiest homeowner in all of Alaska. No exaggeration! :) I highly recommend Tristan Smith to anyone looking to buy or sell a home and receive outstanding service! :)

Jessie ODonnell

Tristan made the possible more possible, we are truly grateful.

Shirley Midgett

Tristan went above and beyond to make my sale happen.

I am %100 satisfied

Richard McKerley

My journey Oregon to my new home in Kasilof Ak.

It started December 7th then ended today December 15th, I drove 2929 miles. I wish I could say it was an incident free trip. It was far from that, going through the Canada border was like being on trial. They gave me 4 days to get through their country. As soon as I got past their checkpoint, I got my first flat tire of the trip on my trailer. Fortunately there was a tire repair place nearby and they patched it up. That was tire fix number one in British Columbia, on my way to Prince George I got to drive through about a hundred miles of fog at 40 miles an hour at night. Not fun. The next day from Prince George to fort Nelson was incident free. My longest drive of the trip was supposed to be 11 and 1/2 hours, From fort Nelson to Whitehorse, Yukon Territories. That's when my second flat tire of the drive,occurred on the truck this time. Fortunately it happened right outside of Watson Lake and I was able to fix it and put my spare on. I made it into White horse after 15 hours of driving, I'm not a truck driver, that drive sucked. From White horse, the Tok Alaska was a pleasant uneventful drive. Crossing the border at Alaska was a breeze, the border guard there didn't seem to give a s*** about too much. I got a room in Tok,Ak some dinner and fell asleep. When I went to check out the truck and trailer I noticed another flat on the trailer, I changed it to the spare trailer tire and it was flat too. The spare tire got shredded along the way to the repair shop. (That's #4) but I get the primary tire from the trailer fixed then back on. Now I'm on my way to Anchorage! It's a beautiful morning, watching the sunrise and the temperature gauge on the truck reads -21deg below zero. Then all hell breaks loose, my trailer fish tails and transfers that momentum into my truck making me lose traction and fishtail in the road to the right as I correct it to the left and I regain traction and zoom! Right off the road! Fortunately I did not tip over! But I was stuck. But I've never been so prepared I had everything I needed to get out. So I broke out my shovel and started clearing a 50-ft path back to the road, and then finally someone driving by stopped. It took me about 3 hours to get out of that predicament, with the help of some Good Samaritans, tire chains, tow straps I was back on the road. Exhausted from that ordeal I knew I wasn't going to make Anchorage so I thought well I'll stop in Glen Allen. About that time is when the spare tire on my truck decide to blow up. I thought you got to be kidding me. Fortunately I had a tire to replace that one. (#5 flat) I I change that tire and limped in to Glen Allen, got a room for the night and decided to buy two brand new tires and rims for the trailer. I made it to Anchorage the next day it is now Sunday, and I decide I'm just buying new tires for the truck I'm tired of this. But all the tire stores in Anchorage were closed on Sunday, basically this is a story of me traveling through Canada to Alaska and changing my tires six times. And buying six new ones. So if you read this far, there is a happy ending for today, December 15th The title for my house recorded, the ink on the paperwork dried and I am a first-time homeowner! 50178 Bush Gardens Kasilof Ak 99610. The house was the carrot on the stick for me, I knew I had a great space waiting for me at the end of my challenging trip. Thank you Tristan Smith for all the help in getting me here! This place is amazing!

David Bell

Tristan Smith made buying a house from 4,000 miles away very possible.

Thank you Tristan!

Jim Wilfred Starr Trust

Tristen was the best All the way thru the deal.

Noah Smith

Buying a home can be a stressful ordeal for most people.

..luckily this wasn’t my first time. I have worked with or have been well acquainted with many realtors over the years and I have to say that this was the first time I have worked with someone (Tristan) that I actually felt like they were genuinely engaged in the whole process and cared about how it was handled and how I was handled. I grew up in Alaska but moved away when I was only 21 to go spread my wings and find my way in the world. Well to make a long story short...36 years later after being successful in my endeavors with my profession and family, we decided it was time to make a change and move to Alaska based on my experiences of the state, it’s majestic beauty, and it’s simple way of life. This is where we want to live out our years and enjoy them and do a lot of traveling together. Tristan is the kind of person that has the integrity and honor to give his all to the end and work every way possible to make for a positive outcome. He has the heart of a winner, the cunning of lion, and the humility of a monk. He’s a great example of how a human being should be! THANK YOU TRISTAN, for working so hard to make all of this happen! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Stephen Hollon

Tristan remained motivated throughout a global pandemic and was able to effortlessly list and later sell my property.

Additionally, he worked into the evening to ensure the seller (me) had most up-to-date information and understood the process being a first time home seller. For me, it was an enjoyable experience and mostly hands off.

Patrick Brooks

Tristan worked very hard at getting our home on the market.

He fought through all the obstacles to make the sale go through till the very end. His attention to details made a very presentable home for the the future buyer to enjoy for a long time to come.

Patrick Smith

Tristan was very excellent at selling my home!

Sheryl W.

Tristan Smith is the best most organized realtor we have ever dealt with before Super happy and will recommend him to All our friends

Noah Circle

Tristan was fantastic to work with.

I am a first time buyer and he answered all of my questions and made sure I was comfortable with every step and knew what was going on.

Jake Kirsch

Tristan Smith is a task master that works extremely hard to assure success.

.. in my opinion the accounting department dropped the ball which caused extreme heart burn... thankfully Tristan was there serving us as our professional liaison... with his business background and people skills he was able to see the transaction completed while keeping communication channels clear and open.. Thank you Tristan!

Anthony West

Tristan works harder for you than anyone else would.

He definitely went above and beyond to meet our every need, way surpassing any expectation we had.

Timothy Leickert

Tristan did a great job and if I had another property in Alaska I would use him again

Paul Frechette

Tristan went above and beyond to get our deal closed.

We had to deal with multiple issues impeding our progress but he was right there pushing to get us done.

Leah Little

Tristen smith is the best realtor in the business hands down No questions ask If someone uses them for buyer or seller representative they will not be disappointed!

! Left me totally impressed

Noah Smith

You guys rock.

We love our new home

Samantha Nida
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